La Pintura

What do you think about a place where each morning you take a peek in the hen-house to check how many eggs have been laid? And the only engine noise you might hear is that of Ardelio's tractor in the courtyard, and the crowd chatter is only Maria Santa busy moving around amongst rabbits and hens needing care and also watering the ortyard, while inviting you to take a seat as she gets breakfast ready!

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You sleep in a carefully and lovingly furnished room, at daytime you can breath in history and culture choosing out of the artistically interesting historical sites only a few steps away, and at night you are delighted by the feast which has been laid before you, staying up late having a chat in front of the fireplace still lit... For who seeks a distant place while feeling definitely at home, here is the Agriturismo La Pintura.

FARM HOLIDAYS - La pinturaFARM HOLIDAYS - La pinturaFARM HOLIDAYS - La pinturaFARM HOLIDAYS - La pinturaFARM HOLIDAYS - La pinturaFARM HOLIDAYS - La pinturaFARM HOLIDAYS - La pintura


We are situated on a hilltop around the town of Trevi, between Assisi and Spoleto valley. Our 30 hectares of woodland, olive groves and arable land are cultivated following the seasons of the year and the wealth of experience passed on through many generations. The farm has become a business, capable of uniting tradition with new technology while respecting natural resources and the environment. Ardelio can be hand pruning the 3000 olive trees, one by one, the olive picking is done by hand using small rakes and ground sheets, while Maria Santa is

picking local herbs and grasses for the animals and planting seeds in her vegetable plot as dictated by the lunar calendar! ……. and yet a photovoltaic system heats the water, a modern oil mill presses the olives and then transforms the remains into bio-fuel to use in the farm’s heating system. Those who come to stay here soon realise that the fresh vegetables smell delicious, the meat is succulent and full of taste, the cakes and home made pasta are divine, the oil is incredible and the fire in the fireplace always alight!