La Pintura

Hearing the old bell ring as you open the door to the dining room Maria Santa pops her head out from the kitchen, cleans her hands on her apron, and tells you that "It’s nearly ready!" Ardelio, already seated says "Please, do sit down" ... And so it begins ... sitting altogether around the dinner table with freshly prepared sumptuous dishes, the cook ordering you to ".... Eat it all up, eh!" Within moments you are made to feel at home yet surrounded by new friends.

Our chatting, your laughing, the stories never to be finished as everyone realises that time has flown by and it really is quite late. You have eaten well, perhaps drunk a few glasses too, and at this point stand, happy that the rooms are close-by as you cross the forecourt looking up at the stars, twinkling so brightly in the night sky!!!


Those our Grandmothers and their Grandmothers before them used to make in this house, simple and genuine using everything that we either produce or breed. Our own pork, rabbit and poultry, vegetables from our garden or herbs picked spontaneously in the fields...

All that used to be done is still being done, home-made pasta, jams and marmalades for jam tarts, different types of breads, savoury and sweet…. Good food needs to be accompanied by a good wine and we are sure that our small wine cellar with its’ most prestigious Umbrian wines will satisfy all tastes.

RECIPES - La pinturaRECIPES - La pinturaRECIPES - La pinturaRECIPES - La pintura


Some nights, according to the number of guests, or to the availability of seasonal products, we propose a tasting menù, that may include a starter, a first course of pasta or soup, a main course of meat and vegetables, a dessert and/or fresh fruit.

Water and a carafe of local wine is also included in the cost of 20€ per person, with special prices for children, dependent on their age. The kichen will be closed for lunch.